I.T.N.T. sees flat turnover this year

20 sep 2010 Autor: Magraon Andreea

Sibiu-based I.T.N.T., which owns soft32.com, games32.com or macsoftware.com websites providing various applications and software for download, expects its turnover to stagnate this year, at 0.46m euros, considering it saw its revenues go down by 15% last year.
"The weaker financial results came amid the financial crisis. We expect to return to growth starting 2011," Lucian Todea, the company's general manager, told ZF.
Also, the company's gross income dropped by 17%, to 0.7m euros, according to Trade Registry data.
Todea said he did not plan to sell the soft32.com website, with 5-6 million visitors per month. "There have been several offers from some US companies, with which we talked, but I've never planned to sell the website," said Todea.
He stated software through which users downloading applications from the site will be notified about programme updates will be launched next week. Also, a new version of the website would be launched by yearend, said Todea, without disclosing investments in the new design.

Articol publicat în ediţia tipărită a Ziarului Financiar din data de 20.09.2010

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