Sony Center store network expects 25% increase

2 mai 2008 Ziarul Financiar

New Link, the company that runs the Sony Center store network, forecasts a 25% increase in electronics sales this year, from around 17 million euros last year. In 2007, the company saw a 55% turnover increase. "I don't think we can match last year's growth rate. Despite the slowdown of the market's growth rate, I think we will be able to reach a 25-30% growth rate on 2007, in the second part of the year," said Nicolae Dumitrescu, sales manager of Sony Center. The market growth rate seen in the first quarter was lower (7%), according to Sony representatives, while the company's network witnessed an around 10% sales increase, added Dumitrescu. At the end of last year, Sony Center held 7 stores of its own and two franchised stores in Pitesti and Constanta, with the only company-held store outside Bucharest being opened in Cluj. The company's strategy entails the expansion of the local store network to 15 stores.

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