ACE to build third Romanian factory in Dej

Ziarul Financiar 25.07.2006
Spanish group ACE, a manufacturer of electrical components for vehicles announced it would begin construction work on a third facility in Dej next month. The space allocated for this development is 5,000 square metres and the initial investment is estimated at 1.5 million euros. This will be the second factory of the group in Dej and is set for completion at the beginning of next year. The total investment in this facility will be higher than that in the first factory in Dej, whose construction and tooling up cost approximately 8.5 million euros. "The final investment in the second factory in Dej will be much bigger because only half of the factory will make cables, and the other half will be used for injection-moulding of plastics. This has been an ACE business for a long time, but will not be transferred to Romania any sooner than next year," Antonio Soria Barranco (photo), general manager of ACE Romania told ZF Transilvania. ACE Romania posted 6.5 million euro (23.2 million RON) turnover for the first five months of the year, a 30% increase on the same time last year. Company officials say the trend in the first five months was influenced by the start of the partnership with Renault and by the increase in the orders placed by older customers like Citroen and Seat. "The collaboration with Renault materialises in two projects, one for the Clio model and one for the Megane model. The manufacturing for them is now handled in Cluj, but if the collaboration continues we will transfer orders to the new factory in Dej, as well," Antonio Soria Barranco added.