GE Healthcare: medical equipment market could reach 200m euros

Ziarul Financiar 09.10.2007
Annual sales of medical equipment in Romania could reach 200 million euros a year, but the market fluctuates depending on government initiatives, according to estimates made by the medical equipment producer GE Healthcare. "We believe that out of the Balkan states, Romania has the potential to grow due to technological upgrades. The government has already started upgrade programmes for hospitals. The Romanian private sector is very interesting. We believe privatisations and public-private partnerships will boost investments in the private sector," said Gzim Ademaj, president of GE Healthcare for Central and Eastern Europe. GE Healthcare has four subdivisions: ultrasound equipment, IT (monitors, cardiology equipment), contrast agents and radiology & imaging equipment, and a division in charge of the company's core business. In Eastern Europe, the company operates both through its distributors, and through its own representative office, in order to achieve better market coverage.