Plafar hires 150 people amid expansion plans

Ziarul Financiar 28.02.2008
Plafar, the natural products retailer held by businessman Alain Bonte, who also controls the pharmacy network Centrofarm through Generalcom, will hire 150 people amid plans to expand the network. "Currently, we have 50 staff, and we will probably hire another 150 by the end of the year," said Dorin Catana, general manager of Centrofarm. The current network of 14 Plafar stores, specialised in the sale of plant-based products (nutritional supplements, teas, organic foods that do not require special storage conditions), will witness expansion that will be "at least as aggressive as Centrofarm's." "We intend to build a nationwide network, and will probably open another 25 stores this year," added Catana. The investment in a single Plafar store is estimated at around 40-50,000 euros, which puts the overall funds necessary for this year's expansion at around 1 million euros.