Burcea, Paralela 45: Demand for holidays in Turkey and Greece doubled

Autor: Mirabela Tiron 10.03.2011

Businessman Alin Burcea, who controls Paralela 45 travel agency, a top ten one in Romania, maintains that in the first two months of this year bookings for holidays in Antalya, Crete and Rhodes doubled after tourists gave up buying trips to Egypt or Tunisia.

Paralela 45 Turism in 2009 derived turnover worth 10.1m euros and 540,000-euro profit, according to Trade Registry data. This year, the agency expects charter flight packages to contribute 40% in total sales.

"We have four charter flights to Antalya weekly, two to Crete and two to Rhodes. For holidays in Turkey we sealed a partnership with Summer Tour tour operator, through which Romanians can also benefit from shopping programmes". "Romanians going on holiday in Turkey choose four or five-star hotels. We haven't even sealed contracts with hotels below this rating".

Bookings also doubled from the first two months of last year for Crete and Rhodes. Another destination ranking high among Romanians' preferences is Croatia.