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33m-euro net income for Electrica Muntenia Sud

33m-euro net income for Electrica Muntenia Sud
04.07.2006, 19:31 10

Electricity distributor Electrica Muntenia Nord, which is still state-owned, posted a net profit worth 33.5 million euros at the end of last year, over a five-fold increase against 2004, according to data published in the Official Gazette. The results reported by Electrica Muntenia Nord exceed the 25 million-euro financial performance of Electrica Muntenia Sud, rated as the most valuable branch of Electrica, taken over by the Italians at Enel for 820 million euros. The turnover of Electrica Muntenia Nord has reached 320.9 million euros, up 1% in the time interval considered. The company has 2,451 employees. Electrica Muntenia Nord, as well as Electrica Transilvania Sud and Electrica Transilvania Nord are the only branches left unprivatised in Electrica's structure.

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