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According Group estimates 16.8m-euro sales of construction products

According Group estimates 16.8m-euro sales of construction products
11.05.2007, 19:08 7

According Group, importer and distributor of construction products, as well as components used in the manufacturing of thermally insulated windows estimates a 16.8 million-euro turnover for this year, a 40% increase on last year. "The predicted growth is due to the development of the constructions market, and in particular the development of the sector of producers of trim for thermal-insulating glass," Marius Sescu, marketing manager of According Group, told ZF Transilvania. The company's management has budgeted investments of around one million euros for this year, aimed primarily at developing its product distribution structure, in order to gain maximum coverage of the retail market. "This primarily entails developing our logistics base, which includes our car fleet, as well as our storage space, and increasing our sales staff," specified Marius Sescu. Over the last two years, the Iasi-based company has invested over 1.5 million euros in territorial expansion and in developing its logistic base.

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