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According Group expects sales up 20%

According Group expects sales up 20%
02.06.2006, 00:00 7

The According Group, an importer and distributor of products and parts used in thermo-insulating glass production, this year announced turnover worth about 12m. euros, 20% higher than in 2005. "The projected growth is related to the development of the construction market and in particular to the advancement of the sector of the producers of trim for thermopane glass, as these make up 90% of our customers," stated Daniel Bucataru, marketing manager with the firm. He added the opening of the sixth sales office countrywide, in Timisoara, will also contribute to the projected financial growth. This year, the company has announced it will invest approximately 0.5m euros to develop its logistic base and invest in territorial expansion, after it invested approximately one million euros last year to develop transportation efficiency. "We have annual projects related to the development of the logistic park, amid the rising volume of orders," Bucataru also said. ZF

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