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ACE starts work for Renault and Citroen

23 mar 2006 8

ACE Romania, producer of electric automotive parts will start production for Renault''s Clio and Megane models, as well as for Citroen in a few months. "We have been in talks for a few months now with Renault, and our first projects will come to life this year. Products made for them will be manufactured in Cluj for the time being, but, if this collaboration continues, we will transfer some of the orders to the new Dej-based plant," stated Antonio Soria Barranco, chief executive of ACE Romania. He added that as of May, ACE Romania would start producing cables for Citroen. "This collaboration will include two projects involving two types of simple cables. We are in various stages of negotiations with other big construction companies, as well," Barranco added. Until this moment, the company''s major clients have been Seat, Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda. "In addition to the new clients we are in talks with, our older clients have also indicated that they want to have us make new products for them," the manager of ACE Romania added. ZF

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