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Acer expects 30% turnover growth in 2011

Acer expects 30% turnover growth in 2011

Autor: Magraon Andreea

27.01.2011, 00:02 7

Acer Romania, the domestic subsidiary of Taiwan's IT&Cequipment producer, expects turnover to rise by at least 30% thisyear. In 2010, the company led in the ranking of PC vendorsdomestically, with a 23.5% share, up 2% from 2009, according toIftemie, who quoted IDC research firm's data.

Last year, the PC market stood at 600,000 units, up from 500,000units in 2009.
2010 results can be accounted for by the fact that the difficultmarket situation was already known, and many of 2009's problemswere avoided.
"In our case, the 2009 result was seriously hurt by the fact thatat the end of 2008, the crisis took us by surprise in that inJanuary 1, 2009, we had a stock of over 30,000 laptops in thecountry, ordered by partners, but which were no longer deliveredbecause of the crisis," recounts Iftemie in an interview withZF.
Acer expects the PC market to climb to 750,000 units, amidconsumption thaw-up and as the emotional shock of the crisis isfading away.
What new products will Acer launch in Romania in 2011? 2011 will beundoubtedly the year of tablets, says Iftemie. Acer will bringtablets with Android and Windows 7 systems in March-April and inautumn will bring smartphones.