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Aerostar, 70% bigger net income in H1

Aerostar, 70% bigger net income in H1
23.08.2006, 19:28 5

Aerostar Bacau, a company specialising in aircraft production and repair, in the first half of the year registered net income worth 0.87 million euros (3.08m RON), up 70% from the year-ago period. The company's turnover surged by 6.8%, to 14.1 million euros (49.88m RON). Sales posted in the first six months were largely derived from repair of passenger aircraft and military aircraft engines, accounting for 42% of turnover. Other activities that contributed considerably to turnover were the production of terrestrial defence systems, maintenance services for civil aircraft and aircraft production. Exports totalled around 46% of turnover, with the Asian market as the most important export market, accounting for 55% of total exports. The company this year expects to generate turnover worth 120 million RON (almost 34m euros), 20% higher than figures for 2005. Last year, the company reached turnover worth 28.4 million euros. The company has already sealed contracts worth 116.8 million RON (33m euros) this year, while the value of contracts signed for the following years amounts to 128.9 million RON (over 36m euros).

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