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Arrival of Subway giant spurs investment in niche franchises, too

Autor: Livadariu Andreea

10.04.2011, 23:48 27

The Romanian franchise market has entered an upward trend, withthe bet of some giants such as Subway (the fast-food outlet chain)on Romania spurring smaller, niche, businesses, such as pasta orpizza-specialised restaurants, manual car wash businesses orcosmetic and facial rejuvenation salons.

"I believe the market will see a positive development, atleast these are the first signs. Moreover, otherwise, foreignfranchisers would not be interested in tapping the market. Thetrends seem to be the normal ones, with entrepreneurs being luredby the food sector, fast-food restaurants, services and thenretail," says Constantin Anton, chairman of the Romanian FranchiseAssociation (ARF).

As regards niche fields, "there are less covered sectors, forinstance entertainment and the educational field. In othercountries, these are much more developed, with entertainment andkids' education having a bigger weight. (...)," Anton says.

The first Subway outlets are set to be opened on the market inthe second half of the year. The company bringing the US network inRomania is Subway Romania, which has "franchise-type partnershipswith domestic entrepreneurs as a business strategy".

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