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Basescu’s ultimatum to PD-L MPs: Either contracts with the state or politics

Basescu’s ultimatum to PD-L MPs: Either contracts with the state or politics
25.05.2010, 21:23 6

President Traian Basescu yesterday demanded PD-L(Liberal-Democratic Party) members of Parliament to drop anycontracts with the state, trying to provide at the same time amessage of comfort to the pensioners who will lose 15% of theirpensions as of the 1st of June. MPs of the main ruling party havefound it hard to explain the pension cut to their constituencies,which is why talks were conducted on a rather tense tone in themeeting room where the PD-L senators and deputies met with the headof state yesterday.
The MPs requested the pension "cut" to not be that drastic, or atleast to be gradual, while the head of state warned them that bydoing business with the state, many of the party's importantofficials were driving the PD-L towards the position of a"dishonest" party anyway.
"The President demanded that we drop our businesses. He told us itwas not fair to be appointed to a position and take advantage of itto benefit your own business," one of the MPs of the main rulingparty said.
The idea of dropping contracts with the state is nothing new forBasescu, who had previously demanded PD members of the Bucharest'sGeneral City Council to drop contracts with the state while he wasBucharest's Mayor in 2002. It was a heavy blow dealt to his PDlieutenants, as many of them had construction companies working onasphalting the city's boulevards.

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