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Cargill buys 44,000-tonne silo in strategic location along the Danube

Autor: Gabriel Razi

8 feb 2011 57

American giant Cargill, one of the leading players on the Romanian agriculture market, with operations in oil production and grain trade, has acquired a grain silo with a 44,000-tonne capacity in Drobeta Turnu Severin.

This is one of the biggest silos in Romania and is part of the company' strategy to take over strategic locations along the Danube, similarly to its competitor, another major grain trader, Alfred Toepfer.

Market sources say the silo belonged to businessmen Ioan and Viorel Micula through West Grain SRL, which has a silo in Turnu Severin and is held by one of the companies in the European Drinks group, EDRI Trading. The Micula brothers denied the information.

The investment in the Drobeta Turnu Severin silo will create 20 jobs, with the local silo network of the American group reaching 18 storage facilities. Cargill will store 8% more grains following the investment, with its overall capacity reaching 500,000 tonnes. Romania has a total grain storage capacity of around 14 million tonnes.


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