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Coilprofil sees 11m-euro turnover in 2008

Coilprofil Romania, the local division of Belgian group Coilprofil, which manufactures corrugated iron and thermal-insulating panels, posted sales worth 11m euros (40.5m RON), accounting for a 27% turnover increase against the preceding year, and expects a stagnation of its business this year. The sales increase was due in large part to the development of the company's product range, but the advance is below the one budgeted at the beginning of 2008, when the company expected a 15m-euro turnover. "Coilprofil managed to develop its activity by continually expanding its product range. The company's sales went up 27% in 2008 against the previous year, with Coilprofil's turnover rising to around 40.5m RON (11m euros)," said Liviu Mistodinis, executive manager of Coilprofil.

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