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CrisTim owner seeks to remain market leader despite falling consumption

CrisTim owner seeks to remain market leader despite falling consumption

Autor: Diana Tudor Stoica

13.09.2010, 23:54 31

Radu Timiş, one of the best-known entrepreneurs on the Romanianmarket, owner of CrisTim, an 86 million-euro business in thecharcuterie industry, has drawn up a plan for the next three years,in a bid to remain market leader even after the merger of rivalsCaroli Foods Group and Tabco-Campofrio, which created a group whosebusiness stands at 120 million euros.

Timiş believes the major advantage he has over his competitorslies in the nature of the entrepreneurial business - the ability tomake decisions quickly. The businessman is seeking to make the mostof the 18 months necessary to integrate and make the businessesheld by the new Caroli group more efficient, and develop theproduct portfolio, the store chain and exports.
Timiş's strategy comes at a time when the Caroli group (formed as aresult of the merger of Caroli Foods Group and Tabco-Campofrio) andannounced it was targeting a 200 million-euro turnover in 2013 anda market share increase from 16% to 20%.
On the other hand, the Romanian entrepreneur decided to investseven million euros in 2011 in order to increase productioncapacity and to modernise the logistics system, after allocatingfour million euros this year in order to tap into a new market, offresh meat.

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