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Dell seeks to hire a few more dozen people

15.12.2010, 00:09 7

The local subsidiary of American company Dell, the world's no. 3on the computer market, has reached a few hundred employees inRomania amid the development of the IT services division, with thetrend to continue in the coming period, said Dragoş Mateescu,Dell's commercial manager for this region, who is also in charge ofthe company's local operations.

Dell's expansion on the IT services market intensified after theinternational acquisition of Perot Systems, which had over 80employees in Romania.
"We have hundreds of employees in Romania and we still haveopenings," said Mateescu, without giving numbers. However, thewebsite of the American company features 39 open positions inseveral cities such as Bucharest and Braşov. Most jobs aretechnical, involving software development and IT services. Amongthe technologies for which Dell is looking to hire are Linux,Microsoft and Unix.
Contacted by ZF, Dragoş Mateescu only said "there are severalopenings at present, and there will be more in the future, but thatthe number of people to be hired depends on the expertise of theapplicants and on the company's requirements."

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