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Distribution of Milka and Jacobs goes from Top Brands to main rival

Distribution of Milka and Jacobs goes from Top Brands to main rival
23.09.2010, 23:52 38

Top Brands Distribution, with 308 million euros in turnover in2009, will turn the division dedicated to Kraft Foods into aseparate food division from that of Dar Lactate, the company's ownbrand launched in 2009.
"Romania joining the EU, the onset of the economic crisis, theclauses of the contract with Kraft Foods Romania and the producer'scommercial policy the have been loss-making for our divisiondedicated to the distribution of Kraft products. After analysingprofitability indicators of this division, we decided, togetherwith our partner to suspend collaboration between our companies,"said Virgil Munteanu, communication manager of TBD.
He specified that the sale of products in Kraft Foods's localportfolio generated between 5 and 7% of the company's turnover,i.e. around 20 million euros. Kraft's distribution has been takenover by Interbrands, TBD's biggest rival on the Romanian market.Last year the distributor reported 308 million euros insales.
The company representative says TBD will continue to distributeKraft products, but through imports and acquisitions from otherdistributors.
Kraft representatives did not wish to comment. TBD's biggestpartner is Philip Morris, producer of Marlboro, the biggest playerin the Romanian cigarettes industry.

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