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End of car scrappage scheme drives car registrations to year's high

End of car scrappage scheme drives car registrations to year's high

Autor: Bogdan Alecu

14.12.2010, 00:11 8

In November car registrations exceeded the 11,000-unit mark forthe first time, amid the scrappage scheme nearing its end inmid-November, according to players on the car market, with bothsales and car registrations recording a two-digit rise lastmonth.

"In November there were once again more car registrations,according to players. Everybody was expecting the scheme to end inmid-November, so they rushed to buy the cars in October, and thenregister them," said Nicolae Sorescu, manager of the auto divisionof the Rădăcini group, which owns dealers of Opel, Chevrolet,Suzuki, Citroën and Saab. December could see another registrationboom, according to car dealers, considering that as of January 1stall new cars sold by dealers will have to comply with Euro 5standards, with Euro 4 cars being registered and soldsecond-hand.
The number of new cars registered last month climbed by 35% tonearly 11,500, almost 500 more than the number of cars sold.

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