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Epson: Printer sales, still frozen on consumer segment

Autor: Magraon Andreea

8 feb 2011 12

The domestic copier and printer market will still be challengingon the consumer segment this year because of consumers' lowpurchasing power, while estimates are still upbeat with regard tocorporate sector acquisitions, maintains Ciprian Barangă, a salesand marketing manager with Epson for Romania and Bulgaria.

Epson sales on the Romanian market rose by 10-12% last yearagainst 2009, and for 2011 the company targets revenue growth by atleast 10%.

"Last year was definitely a difficult year for the printingmarket, since the decline that had started in the second half of2008 deepened. Owing to the fact that our portfolio includes a widerange of products, we managed to balance sales at brand level,"explains Barangă.

Gartner research firm in 2010 put the domestic copier andprinter market at some 50.6m euros, down from 57.1m euros in 2009,when it plummeted by 50%. The hardest hit segment was that ofprinters, which dropped by 57.2%, to 85,314 units, while the entireoffice equipment market fell to 52m euros from 125.2m euros a yearbefore, according to the same source.

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