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EU accession impacts on Romanian ERP software

EU accession impacts on Romanian ERP software
30.05.2003, 00:00 3

The EU accession will make it less likely for Romanian enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution developers to make a name for themselves on the Romanian market. At least this is what Liviu Dan Dragan, TotalSoft general manager feels.

This is an interesting comment considering TotalSoft is a domestic ERP software developer.#leadend#

Two or three years from accession, that is by 2010 to be precise, the share of Romanian solutions on the ERP market will go down, Dragan says. Why would that be? Because the current competitive edge of Romanian solutions, i.e. they are tailored to the local legislation and provide multiple currency support, will vanish, Dragan says.

Subsequently, even though the market is somehow saturated by solutions developed by foreign companies at the moment, such solutions could come to prevail after 2010.

For the moment, however, the Romanian companies wanting to implement an ERP system would rather go to Romanian developers, Liviu Dan Dragan says. They do this not necessarily because the domestic solutions are supposed to be cheaper. "Certain managers in Romania do not know how to look at the price. Many are willing to spend more than they should on solutions simply not worth it," TotalSoft's manager says.

There are, however, companies that are still working primitively, using FoxPro-based systems, and do not have even the slightest intention of using an ERP solution. The companies that want to be as visible on the market as possible and want to catch the foreign investors' eye should be those most interested in buying ERP systems. "A company is more valuable if it has chosen to run its business automatically and more efficiently by using an ERP system, and investors are willing to pay more money for that particular company," Dragan explains.