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Five-star hotel Grand Continental renovated with 8m euros

Cherry tree and mahogany furniture from the Parma antiquities fair, carpets from Denmark and chandeliers from Vienna, here are some of the objects used to decorate the newest five-star hotel in Bucharest, Grand Hotel Continental, where the owners expect 2.6 million euros in revenues in the first year in business. "All objects in the hotel have been acquired over two years' time by taking part in various auctions abroad, as well as in fairs and exhibitions in Vienna and Parma. The entire hotel is decorated with works of art and antiquities," said Daniela Mirea, the hotel's architect and wife of businessman Radu Enache, owner of Grand Hotel Continental, a part of the Continental hotel group, with 27 million euros in turnover last year. The new hotel on Calea Victoriei, a historical landmark belonging to the Elias foundation, which operates 59 rooms, six conference rooms that can seat between 12 and 120, and two restaurants, has been reopened after an around eight million-euro investment in modernisation.
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