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Five-star hotels cancel some of their New Year's Eve parties for lack of clients

15 dec 2009 11

The biggest five-star hotel in Bucharest, JW Marriott, hasdecided at the last minute to cancel New Year's Eve parties in tworestaurants out of a total of five announced locations amid a lackof demand from the market. As a result, the number of guests thatthe hotel's restaurants can accommodate for the New Year's Eveparty is down from 950 to 680-700. "There is no point in investingin decorating the restaurants and in additional menus, consideringthat the seats may be left empty," said Dina Litzica, PR andmarketing manager of JW Marriott. The hotel recorded a 22% turnoverdecline in the first ten months of the year against the similarperiod of last year and a 60% average occupancy rate. The partiesin the Cucina and Champions restaurants have been cancelled, withthe only offers still standing being those for the Grand Ballroom,Constanta and Cupola halls, where the price of a New Year's Evepackage is 920 RON (215 euros) per person. At five-star hotelRadisson, a little more than half of the available New Year's Eveparty packages (56%) have been booked, out of a total of 480 infour locations in the hotel. Crowne Plaza hotel, controlled bybusinessman George Copos, currently has 70% of its packages bookedfor the New Year's party. "We chose to organise the party in onlyone location that can seat 160 and cancelled the party at theBrasserie restaurant where we accommodated 120 last year," saidLarisa Budaca, director of sales&marketing of Crowne PlazaBucharest hotel.

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