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Floorboard producers, set to resume investments

Autor: Ioana David

09.05.2011, 23:31 57

Floorboard market players are hoping for a two-digit increasefor the sector this year amid signs the constructions market willimprove. Egger, Kronospan and Barlinek are among the biggestplayers on the market, dominating the industry.

"We plan to start investments in the first months of 2011 andmaximum production will be reached in the second quarter of theyear," said Marek Janke, a member of Barlinek SA's managingboard.

Expanded production capacity means in fact a new line, in which2.3m euros were invested. The move to boost production came amidthe rising demand, which could bring the first signs of a revivalafter a crisis period of several years.

Austria's Kronospan, on the other hand, do not manufacturefloorboard in Romania, but prefer importing it. The firm budgeted290m-euro turnover for this year, up 90% from 2010.

With turnover of above 90m euros in 2009 and 4.1m-euro profit,Egger delivers more than half of production abroad.

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