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GE Healthcare boss: “I'd be glad to have 2m-euro projects in Bistrita and Buzau”

GE Healthcare boss: “I'd be glad to have 2m-euro projects in Bistrita and Buzau”
08.03.2010, 17:36 39

Radu Gorduza-Lupu, manager of GE Healthcare medical equipmentsupplier for Romania and Moldova, says the public equipmentacquisition market is completely frozen, while on the privatemarket "banks have no appetite for lending, as they'd promised".The company last year registered sales worth more than 20m eurosdomestically both through General Electric Medical Systems RomaniaSRL, a firm through which it operates directly, and through othertrade partners. The level is similar with that of 2008. "For 2010 Iwill not make any estimates. In our case, projects have a certaindynamics, it takes several months to start them," Gorduza-Lupusaid. Last year, sales to the public sector generated below 5% ofthe company's total revenues. "There's still a lack of linearity.Bucharest generates the biggest sales, in terms of the size of aproject. I'd be happy to have projects of 2-3m euros atBistrita-Nasaud or Buzau," Radu Gorduza-Lupu also said. As forinvestors making acquisitions in Romania, he believes they are infact buying presence for the moment where they will be able todevelop private hospitals.

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