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GE Healthcare: We are happy we did not see declines

GE Healthcare: We are happy we did not see declines
27.10.2009, 16:18 9

Radu Gorduza - Lupu, strategic manager for Moldova, Bulgaria andRomania of medical equipment supplier GE Healthcare, says in thefirst nine months of the year the company's Romanian turnover wasthe same as that recorded in the similar period of 2008.Gorduza-Lupu says he is happy the company's business has not posteda decline, like the market did. The medical equipment market couldamount to 350 million dollars (230 million euros) this year, 24%less than in 2008, according to GE Healthcare, which cites data ofresearch company Espicom. Under the circumstances, annual percapita expenses with medical equipment amount to around 17 dollars.There is little information on the value and the progression ofthis market, with data presented by companies being revised after acertain time. On the other markets he oversees, Bulgaria andMoldova, Gorduza - Lupu says "things were a bit more balanced",because there were both public and private projects. "What happenedin the region and in Europe happened in Romania, as well. Thetiming may have differed," says Radu Gorduza - Lupu in an interviewgiven to ZF.

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