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Germany's HeidelbergCement makes EUR52m profit and keeps margin at 25%

Autor: Andreea Neferu

12 mai 2011 53

The domestic turnover of Germany's HeidelbergCement group lastyear slipped by almost 11%, to 900 million lei (around EUR214million), while the group's net income fell by some 7% to RON219million (EUR52 million), according to the data released by thecompany.

The group's net profit margin remained high, at almost 25%,considering the construction sector was badly hurt by the crisisand the cement market, HeidelbergCement's main business, haddropped by 35-40% over the last two years, according to ZFcalculations.

Companies operating on the cement market were among the mostprofitable in Romania ahead of the crisis as well, boasting profitmargins of 30-45%, according to ZF data. While the level hasdiminished somewhat, the industry is still generating solidprofits.

Carpatcement Holding, the group's most important companydomestically, last year made the biggest impact on the Germans'Romanian business. Carpatcement turnover fell by 12% to RON774million (EUR183.9 million).

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