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Jean Valvis puts his name on premium wine brand

"I brought my two kids to harvest grapes and apples in Samburesti last year, because I want what I've built here to stay in the family," said Valvis, who signed his second exit from the Dorna business this year, after he sold the dairy operation to French giant Lactalis in a deal put at 70-90m euros.

The business was sold less than six years after he signed the agreement with Coca-Cola and sold Dorna mineral water in a 40m-euro deal.
It was as late as this year, after two major deals in his "portfolio", that the Swiss-born businessman decided to put his name on a product, as well as on a company - Valvis Holding, a business that now comprises the entrepreneur's investments in the wine industry, real estate, and grain production.
As a result of his decision to set up Valvis Holding, the businessman has now joined the exclusive club of individuals that own personal brands.
"I no longer need to sell anything, from now on I can pursue development on my own. The sale of Dorna and LaDorna was a springboard for me, so I could get to a higher level of investments," Valvis said. This new level is primarily represented by the wine industry, a sector where the businessman has so far invested 8m euros, but has said that he "has no limit" for investments.
Viti Pomicola Samburesti comprises 1,000 hectares of land, half vineyard and half orchard. Valvis states that after two years of work, the company is starting to leave its mark on Samburesti.
The businessman says he will start selling the three wine brands, all premium, by yearend. The three brands are Chateau Valvis, DOC Samburesti, whilst the name of the third has yet to be decided. Whereas the first two will be exclusively sold in on-premise and in specialised stores, the third will also be delivered to retail chains and is defined by Valvis as a medium/premium product. In terms of destinations, Valvis targets both domestic and foreign markets.


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