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kika expects 30-50m-euro sales for its first store

kika expects 30-50m-euro sales for its first store
10.04.2008, 20:28 6

Austrian furniture and decorations retailer kika could derive sales worth 30-50 million euros from its first store, which will open at the end of the year in Bucharest's retail park West Park, at the start of the A1 highway. The store will cover a 27,000 square-metre area, and will be the largest type of store developed by the company, and will entail investments worth 18-25 million euros. The Austrians' investment plans on the local market target the creation of an 8-store network in the coming five years, with funds earmarked for this stage amounting to over 60 million euros. "Land acquisition alone cost tens of millions of euros. Investment in a store of this size amounts to 18-25 million euros, so the estimated 60 million-euro budget is somewhat conservative. The revenues generated by a store of this size stand at around 30-50 million euros," said Paul Koch (photo), managing director of the kika/Leiner group.

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