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Law firm Weizmann buys biggest local trademark registration agency

Law firm Weizmann buys biggest local trademark registration agency
05.05.2010, 21:29 125

Law firm Weizmann has bought the biggest trademark registrationagency in Romania, Ariana, for 1.2 million dollars. Ariana is acompany set up in 2004 by Romanian shareholders in the wake of aminimal investment. The former shareholders say half a milliondollars will cover the company's debts.
Ariana, with 0.5 million euros and 28 employees in 2009, ownswww.inregistrare-marci.ro website, the biggest trademark searchengine on the Romanian market. The company registered over 400trademarks last year at OSIM (The State Office for Inventions andTrademarks).
"We had reached a level of development where we really neededinternational expertise. I will remain at the helm of the companyat least over the next two years," said Radu Bozocea, one of thefounders of Ariana. In addition to registering trademarks at OSIMthe company provides intellectual property advice and assistance indisputes over trademark rights, monitors new trademarks on themarket, and does trademark evaluation.

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