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Lending revival: BCR collects 75,000 consumer loan applications in 6 weeks

Autor: Razvan Voican

09.05.2011, 23:37 92

BCR, the biggest bank on the Romanian market, has seen dailyapplications for consumer loans double in the six weeks sincelaunching a campaign to promote leu-denominated funding with afixed 12.5 % a year interest rate and a maximum deadline of 10years, to 2,000-2,500 applications, totalling around 75,000, saysDominic Bruynseels, the bank's CEO.

"We have been pleasantly surprised by the demand we haverecorded for this product and we apologise to clients who have towait for an answer longer than a day, as we promise in the advert.The BCR has been perceived in the past few years as being outsidethe consumer lending market, but now we want to show that we areready to lend money through this type of products, as well."

The head of the BCR specifies that around 35% of new loanvolumes are accounted for by refinancing, but hopes thissignificant demand will also be reflected in an increase in thevolume of retail loans, a segment that continued on a downwardtrend in the first quarter.

On the segment of mortgage loans, the BCR is awaiting approvalof the central bank to join the fourth edition of the First Homescheme.

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