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Lufthansa: Romania will become No.2 market in the region

Lufthansa: Romania will become No.2 market in the region
01.11.2007, 21:49 8

With almost 20 flights a week introduced this year and a target of 500,000 passengers transported to and from Romania, the airline operator Lufthansa estimates Romania will climb to second place in the region, below Poland, but above Hungary. "Next year, Romania will be our second-largest market, after Poland. The market has registered a significant increase within the last few years, and we are already flying from three Romanian cities," said Tamur Goudarzi-Pour, Lufthansa's general manager for Central Europe. In the first part of the year, the company reported an approximately 25% increase in revenues on the Romanian market, against the same time last year. Lufthansa introduced a third daily flight on the Bucharest-Frankfurt route in January, and a second daily flight on the Bucharest-Dusseldorf route. In September, it launched the Sibiu-Munich route, and reached over 70 flights a week from the three cities of Timisoara, Sibiu and Bucharest, to Germany. The number of passengers transported by the company to and from Romania is expected to reach 500,000 this year, compared with 300,000 in 2006. "We are also expecting a two-digit increase in passenger numbers next year. I would say all flights to and from Romania are profitable, even the recently introduced flights from Sibiu," specified Goudarzi-Pour. For flights to and from Romania, Lufthansa registers an over 75% occupancy rate.

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