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Marshal Turism revenues reach 19m euros

Marshal Turism revenues reach 19m euros
22.02.2005, 00:00 6

Marshal Turism, Romania's second leading travel agency, plans to achieve a 20-25% turnover growth this year to reach 19 million euros after investing in a new office in Bucharest. "We made about 16 million euros in turnover last year, up 10% on the previous year, and we want to speed up the growth pace this year so that we become the largest tour operator on the Romanian market within two or three years," said Ion Antonescu, the Marshal Turism chairman who returned to the position this year after working as state secretary with the Ministry of Culture and Religion. The company plans to open a new office in Bucharest in the Piata Romana area after March 1 in a property owned by Marshal. "The office has about 200 square meters spread over the basement and ground floor. Refurbishment of the office has cost more than 6bn ROL (150,000 euros)," added Mr Antonescu. Marshal Turism has another office in Bucharest at Piata Unirii, which it also owns, and an office in Craiova. ZF


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