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Marshal Turism sales up 25%, despite low season

Marshal Turism sales up 25%, despite low season
27.04.2007, 18:47 7

Marshal Turism, one of the top five travel agencies on the market in terms of turnover, has posted a 25% increase in turnover against the same period last year, which is unusual considering that the hospitality industry sees January and February as the slowest months of the year. "Usually, January and February are low-season months in tourism. However, this year we didn't feel it was a low season," says Denisa Maria Sanda, strategy consultant at Marshal Turism. The issuing of airplane tickets accounts for the bulk of the business of Marshal Turism, an activity that brings in around 52% of the revenues. Domestic and incoming travel contributes 18% to the company's turnover, whereas outgoing travel brings 30% of the revenues. According to other statistics, 70% of Marshal Turism's business comes from business travel, while the remaining 30% is generated by leisure travel. "Each area of our business saw an approximately 20% increase last year. That is why we cannot say that one particular segment was more responsible than any of the others for the increase in turnover. One component, which saw a rather high increase was that of direct sales to individual clients," explains Sanda.

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