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Mecanica Fina doubles up profits

Mecanica Fina doubles up profits
29.11.2004, 00:00 10

Mecanica Fina Bucharest, Romania's largest producer of gauging and control devices, in the first nine months derived gross profit standing at 536,000 euros, double last year's levels, amid a significant cut-down in expenditures. During the same period, the company's turnover climbed 21%, to 2.9 million euros. The company's management expects profit to follow the same trend and projects a level of at least 0.68 million euros for the end of this year. In 2004, Mecanica Fina carried out investments of about 270,000 euros in machinery and equipment, for the modernisation of utilities networks and in industrial and office spaces. The company also plans to kick-start investments revolving around 200,000 euros by the end of this year. "Following investments, we derived more than double productivity and a significant cut-down in expenses related to utilities. Following repair works, the electrical power consumption dropped by more than half," stated Maria Rogojan, the economic manager. ZF


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