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Message to Government: Take ten steps back and let the economy work

Message to Government: Take ten steps back and let the economy work

Autor: Diana Tudor Stoica

29.09.2010, 00:15 23

Codruţ Pascu, managing director of consultancy Roland Berger,says the private sector is the one that should chose Romania'sdevelopment directions, with the state only being responsible withhelping this materialise.
"I am concerned about those who expect much more, but I amoptimistic to see that the private sector is doing its homework,especially as far as exports are concerned. We have 40 priorityaxes instead of a maximum of two or three. The private sector oughtto choose its markets for strategic development, and the governmentought to take ten steps back and let the real economy work," saidPascu at the conference Romans - The Romanian Manufacturers Summit,organised by marketing agency United.
On the other hand, Adrian Rus, president of Broadhurst IndustrialManagement, which specialises in industrial management, says thestate should support the business sector more in order to increasecompetitiveness by creating a more flexible labour market, bydelaying or even suspending tax payment for the duration oftechnical unemployment, by taking part in international fairs, andby introducing or consolidating commercial relations with MiddleEastern countries and with Russia as a state policy.