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New Labour Code to become law in one week

08.03.2011, 22:13 17

The Boc Government has assumed responsibility in front ofParliament on the modifications brought to the Labour Code, a draftthat could make the labour market more flexible and lead to thecreation of nearly 90,000 jobs, according to estimates of theForeign Investors Council, the association that put together thedraft most of whose provisions are to be found in the document thatreached Parliament.

The Government only accepted 8 amendments of the 144 submittedby the MPs, and the opposition, which saw most of its amendmentsrejected, has submitted a censure motion which, if passed (a ratherunlikely event under the current circumstances), would bring theGovernment down. The motion is voted on next week.

On the other hand, the trade unions, the parliamentaryopposition (with members of PSD - Social Democratic Party - beingthe most vehement) and, unexpectedly, part of the employers'associations, are challenging these modifications.

Romania urgently needs to have its labour legislation modifiedin order to combat the increase in the number of the unemployed bycreating more fixed term contract jobs.

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