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New look for top three player

New look for top three player
18.11.2003, 00:00 5

A new logo and organisational structure. This is how Daewoo Electronics plans to become a top three electronics and home appliances company in Romania in three years from now. "It is hard for us to post significant growth in Western European countries like Germany, but a market such as Romania makes it easier for us because we have a powerful brand awareness here," said In Taek Yoon, chairman and CEO of Daewoo Electronics Europe. Daewoo Electronics, after all, has sold 20 million euros' worth in products on the Romanian market, twice more than estimated early in the year. "Our target for next year is 30 million euros, because of the development and of the success the lending systems had in Romania and because of the product positioning in terms of prices. We are not out to offer the cheapest products, because the price/quality ratio is more important. It is precisely the top products and premium models that will make the company profitable," Yoon added. ZF


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