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Over 10,000 old cars disposed of in first week of scrappage scheme

Over 10,000 old cars disposed of in first week of scrappage scheme
28.02.2010, 20:39 7

More than 10,000 cars were scrapped in the first week after thelaunch of the "Rabla" (old car) scrappage scheme, that is 2,000cars daily, four times more than in the same period of last year,and the Environment Fund Administration distributed 26,800 vouchersto firms collecting old cars, stated the Environment MinistryLaszlo Borbely. Vouchers are not nominal and can be sold to anotherperson. This is why, despite the high volume of scrapped cars,these could be used for the acquisition of just 3,300 cars, ifthree vouchers are used for each new vehicle. Car importers haveawaited the launch of the programme like a breath of fresh air,after car sales further dropped by over 50% in January, to around4,500 units. As regards February, the market trend is an upwardone, according to car dealers, with a rising number of clientsbeing interested in purchasing a car. As an overall volume, carmarket players expect around 30,000 cars to be sold this yearthrough the scrappage scheme, a volume similar with last year's,with the difference that the 60,000 vouchers made available by theEnvironment Ministry will be used up this time.

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