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Perla Covasnei shareholders enter soft drinks market

Autor: Ioana David

23.01.2011, 23:45 25

Violeta and Valerii Moraru, former stakeholders in Bere Azugaproducer, currently owning Azuga Waters group, plan to enter thesoft drinks market on short term and also start production ofmineral water under the private labels of some major storenetworks.

Moraru family is also in talks with Ursus Breweries, a companyto which it sold the beer business of Azuga in 2009, for assetrepurchase and wants to expand the mineral water business italready owns in these facilities.

"We're in talks to buy a company that owns all the assets of theplant," said Violeta Moraru.

Ursus closed the Azuga brewery shortly after taking it over, butrented the facilities to Moraru family, which producesnoncarbonated and carbonated water here.

In early 2010, Moraru family started bottling Azuga Apă de Izvorbrand, a low-priced product, through Azuga Waters.

One year, this is the deadline Violeta Moraru specified for thecompany's entering the soft drinks market. She chose not to provideany data on the value of investments or the brand under which thebusiness will be launched.

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