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Petroconst investor expands to beauty industry

Constanta businessman Dumitru Cilibia who holds 25% in Petroconst Constanta, a company specialising in main line construction and offshore rigs installation, intends to expand to the beauty industry. He wants to open a Silhouette branded salon under a franchise contract in Constanta. Cilibia makes more than 150,000 euros in annual profit from his businesses, which include, besides Petroconst Constanta, stakes of up to 25% in AquaLand, the operator of the Aqua Magic amusement park, local private natural gas distributor Congaz Constanta, as well as in an apparel factory. "I believe the money must be on the move. I own 25% in Petroconst Constanta and also own up to 25% in AquaLand and an apparel factory each. The net profit from these businesses reaches 100-150,000 euros a year. Some friends and I decided to open a Silhouette beauty salon in Constanta, as this is a very lucrative business," Dumitru Cilibia told Ziarul Financiar. ZF


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