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Praktiker sees Romania as its biggestforeign market

Praktiker sees Romania as its biggestforeign market
04.04.2008, 20:56 4

Praktiker aims to reach 30 stores over the next two years, from 20 at the moment. Average investment per store stands at 8 to 10 million euros. "The company plans to consolidate its position as the leader of the DIY sector, with at least 5 new stores planned for 2008. Continuing this trend, Praktiker Romania is scheduled to become the company with the highest sales in the group's network outside Germany," Praktiker's financial report reveals. Praktiker is therefore putting the Romanian market at the centre of its international expansion, with the company operating in eight countries. Praktiker Romania is currently operating 20 stores, and is the group's largest network outside Germany along with the subsidiary in Poland, which has the same number of stores.

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