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Publisher of Romania libera appraises itself at 13m euros

On Tuesday, Company "R", which publishes Romania libera daily, launched an offer to acquire its own shares at a price of 45 RON per share, putting the company's value at almost 13 million euros. "The value per share was established following a valuation of the company's assets by an independent evaluator and was voted by a majority of the shareholders present at the general meeting," said Virgil Stroia, the company's financial manager. According to the data on Ministry of Finance's website, the company has a share capital worth 989,589 RON, and the nominal value per share stands at 1 RON. The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders was called solely to discuss with the shareholders the acquisition of the company's own shares, following requests from minority shareholders and several intentions to sell submitted at the Shareholders Bureau, according to representatives of "R". "The shares acquired will be owned by the company, with no other destination for now," they added.

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