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Raţiu considering revival of Aro brand

Raţiu considering revival of Aro brand
25.08.2010, 23:57 32

The Aro brand could return in the next six to twelve months, sayofficials of Landmark Management, a company controlled bybusinessman Nicolae Raţiu, son of late politician Ion Raţiu, whotook over the manufacturing licenses and the Aro Câmpulungindustrial site in 2007.
"We own the licenses for the previously manufactured Aro models. Weare currently considering manufacturing components for the modelsalready on the streets. At the same time, there are carmakersinterested to manufacture off-road vehicles similar to ARO's,"Nicolae Raţiu said.
The businessman added that talks and negotiations were beingconducted but no contract had been signed yet.
Along with Dacia, Arctic, Dero and Gerovital, Aro is one of themost powerful Romanian brands to have remained on the market after1989; demand was constant for the off-road vehicles assembled inCâmpulung until manufactured stopped. Whereas one would wait a fewweeks to get a Dacia vehicle in the nineties, one would have towait months for an Aro and some customers were willing to pay extrato make sure they would get a Romanian SUV.