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Romanians developing taste for cruise holidays after prices fall: 7,000 orders

Autor: Andreea Mioara Neferu

25 apr 2011 14

Around 7,000 Romanians went on a cruise holiday last year, whileworldwide 17.5 million people worldwide choose to spend theirholidays on cruising ships every year.

Nevertheless, Romania's cruise market registered annualincreases of 50-60% during the crisis period, according to MSCCruises, one of the world's biggest cruise companies.

"We are investing and as a matter of fact all our rivals areinvesting on the Romanian market. Travel is among the fields withthe highest potential in Romania, even during a crisis, and in 2011we expect it to rise by around 8-9%," says Giovanni Ponticelli, therepresentative for Romania of MSC Cruises.

Taking into account an average price of a cruise of 600-700euros (not including transport from Romania to the boardingharbour), it results that Romanians last year spent over 4m euroson such holidays, according to ZF calculations.

Cruises are gradually starting to no longer be a privilege ofmillionaires or "wealthy" pensioners, after the crisis has forcedoperators to slash prices so as not to lose their clients andmoreover to attract a series of other potential tourists.

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