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Savings gap between counties deepens

Savings gap between counties deepens
30.05.2007, 19:15 4

The population's RON deposits increased more rapidly in counties with already high volumes, whereas clients in areas with lower potential savings made fewer reserves last year. Therefore, in the counties where the biggest RON deposits are concentrated volumes saw significant annual increases, equalling or even surpassing the national average. At the other end of the scale, the counties with the smallest deposits saw only modest increases, although the comparatively low reference base had a positive impact on the growth rate. Almost 30% of the deposits of the people in Bucharest are made in RON, amounting to a volume of 6.18 billion RON registered at the end of February 2007. Compared with February 2006, the volume saw a 35.5% increase. During this period, the total volume of the population's deposits increased 35.6%, to 20.99 billion RON (6.2 billion euros). The only county registering deposits of over a billion RON was Cluj, with a volume of 1.02 billion RON. The annualised increase stands at 42%, significantly surpassing the national average.

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