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Spain's ACE seeks 1,100 people for plants in Cluj county

13 sep 2007 9

ACE Romania, a producer of wiring systems for the auto industry, is set to hire more than 1,100 individuals by the end of the year for its domestically owned plants. The Spanish company currently has around 3,000 employees in Romania, while the group has a total of 6,000 employees. "Lately a few problems have started to emerge on the workforce market and this is why we are trying to open new production locations in the areas where personnel can be recruited more easily. After adopting this strategy, we estimate we won't encounter any problems in finding the employees we need," Tatiana Mursa, manager with ACE group, told ZF Transilvania. The company this year opened two new locations, in Campeni, Alba county, and in Turda, Cluj county, and at present is preparing to open a new plant in Jibou, Salaj county. All the three plants are in rented locations. This year, the group's management expects to derive turnover worth 150m euros, up 25% year-on-year. According to company information, Romanian activities will generate approximately 80 million euros of turnover estimated for the entire group. ACE Automotive entered the domestic market in 2001 and has so far invested over 60m euros in the development of production capacities.

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