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Subaru invests 9m euros in after-sale services

Subaru Motors Trading, importer of the Japanese brand onto the Romanian market, has started works on an after-sales servicing centre in Bucharest, in which it will invest 9 million euros. The centre will be built on a 15,000 square-metre plot, close to the Bucharest exit on the Soarelui Motorway. "We are currently developing an after-sale project, the first stage of which is ready. The body and paint shop is already completed. We have also built a car part storage facility, which supplies the Romanian and Moldovan market," said Stavros Kanonopoulos, the company's general manager. The investment in buying the land and building the after-sale services amounted to 7 million euros. "Our plan is to invest another 2 million euros in two years' time, in a building which will house a 10-workbench servicing centre. The centre will be the largest in Romania," said Kanonopoulos. The distribution network of the Japanese brand now includes 13 showrooms, three of which operate in Bucharest.


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