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Timişoara and Cluj passengers drive Wizz Air traffic up 33%

Autor: Mirabela Tiron

9 sep 2010 6

Hungary's Wizz Air airline in the first eight months of the year carried 1.4 million passengers, up 33% against the same period of last year, amid the introduction of new flights and a higher flight capacity on the domestic market, according to the company's representatives.

"Wizz Air is on track to meet its target related to the number of passengers, namely going beyond the 2 million mark," stated Abran Gyorgy, the company's commercial manager, which operates from three hubs in Romania (Bucharest, Timişoara and Cluj-Napoca).
The highest passenger traffic increase was registered by the hub in Cluj-Napoca (59%) in the January-August period, according to the company's officials. The airline also reported a 35% increase in the number of passengers from the Timişoara hub, while the hub in Bucharest-Băneasa generated an advance of only 19%.
The Hungarian company got from 17,000 passengers in 2006, the year it entered the Romanian market, to around 1.7 million last year.
Wizz Air did not disclose the level of its Romanian turnover, a market where it has 70 employees, considering it does not have domestic offices for ticket sales.

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